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kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.
roselyn brooke stone
birthdate: 28, 12 August 1987.
occupation: singer/songwriter.
stage name: roselyn / roz b.
hometown: whyteleafe, surrey, uk.
currently: london, uk.
status: kinsey 4, single.
   When Donald Stone first made the big move from London where he had lived all his life to a small town just outside the city, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. He was fresh out of University with a teaching degree and was in the area for a job interview at the Warlingham School, one he didn't think he would get. For years, Donald and his mates were trying to get noticed as a musical act but it never seemed to pan out; he lacked the vocal talent recquired but he made up for it in passion for music itself. After an embarrassing interview where he showed up ten minutes late and with a coffee-stained shirt, he stopped in at a local pub to drown his sorrows in scotch. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, only two other people were in the pub - the barkeep and the pretty young waitress, Virginia Foster - and as after one too many drinks, he doesn't remember what happened next. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he found that he had been taken up in a spare room at the pub, which he later found out was owned by her family, and Virginia was reading in a chair across the room. When she finally woke up and he had sobered up, they spent much of the night and next day talking. Although he had to return to London, he did so regretfully.

Three weeks later, Donald was offered a job at a music teacher at the secondary school and, with no other job prospects on the horizon, he took it. When he had settled into life in Whyteleafe, he returned to the pub so he could take Virginia out to dinner as a thank you for making sure he didn't try to drive home. They spent the next eight months skirting around the idea of dating exclusively though fate seemed to take matters into their own hands as they found out they were expecting a child together. They soon moved into a small flat together but had no plans to get married anytime soon. Their first, and eldest, daughter - Roselyn Grace Stone - was born on August 12th, 1985 and while they both thought of themselves as nomads and wanderers by heart, they both easily settled into a familial life and enjoyed putting down some roots. For four years, Roselyn was the apple of her parents' eyes and in 1990, their youngest daughter Margot Drew was born.

The Stone household was a modest but happy one. Donald and Virginia were hard-working people who supported their small family on a lower/middle middle class income. Although they weren't wealthy by lineage or personal means, they managed to have a happy life. Their kids were always fed, clothed, and always had a roof over their head and they made sacrifices in other ways like less holidays or spending more time at home than out on the town. Watching their parents work so hard to make ends meet and provide them with everything they needed instilled a strong work ethic into the Stone children and gave them both a deep appreciation for hard work and sacrifice. When Roselyn was nine, Virginia was diagnosed with breast cancer and after two years of fighting, she passed away in 1996.

Her father had become a bit depressive since her mother's passing and she'd often play him music she'd learned at school to try and cheer him up. She'd always felt the desire to take care of her dad since he was always working himself to the bone to care for her and her sister; keeping music in his life was the least that she could do and it always put a smile on his face to hear her sing. The more it made him smile, the more she wanted to keep at it. Growing up, Roselyn had a lot of interests: writing, singing, playing piano, and dance. She had always been a bit of a ham and loved to entertain people only because she liked to make people smile. Her classmates were not always amused by Roselyn's desire to be different and they put a lot of effort into taunting her for it which drove her deeper into the music. Looking for a way to express her feelings, Roselyn began writing and experimenting with different styles of music.

When Roselyn was 15, her father gave dating another go and fell into a relationship with one of the other teachers at his school. Within a year, Donald and Johanna were married and they moved into a bigger house with her son from a previous relationship, Declan. The family seemed to transition nicely and a year later when Roselyn was 16, Donald and Johanna welcomed their daughter Abigail. They had a very normal and modest life; they went to work, the kids went to school. Her teenage years were ordinary - she had a few boyfriends and got involved in her school choir and lived a relatively normal life. After completing her 5th form, Roselyn decided to attend The BRIT School of Performing Arts & Technology for her 6th Form where she developed a deeper appreciation for performing and not just hiding behind the scenes. She learned how to control her voice which is a skill she is the most thankful for post-graduation. When she was finished with school in 2007, she moved in with her step-brother Declan who was an aspiring musician with a band. She worked at a record shop and performed in small open mic nights at night. After a night of drinking with his friends, Roselyn and Declan decided to record some of her songs on youtube. Somehow, by a miracle, this caught the attention of a local record label and they signed her without hesitation. A few months into recording the album, the record label went bankrupt but not before she was offered a publishing contract with Sony ATV for songwriting. During the summer of 2008, Roselyn packed her suitcase and moved to Los Angeles to take this opportunity while she had it.

Adjusting to life in Los Angeles was difficult for her at first and she suffered a bit of culture shock which almost drove her to run back home, though when her song was offered to - and chosen by - Miley Cyrus and became a top hit, she knew that this was her calling and she was meant to make music. She was in one of the recording studios putting together a sample demo of a song she had written for Rihanna when her publisher made the phone call to Jason Flom of Lava Records and he told him 'you have got to hear her sing.' He sent some of her pre-recorded demos and within a few weeks, she was offered her second recording contract. She split her time between Los Angeles and London as she recorded her debut album and in early 2011, it was completed and released to positive reviews. The album was widely successful and her singles became popular hits and she found herself skyrocketing to fame on a scale she never knew she would get to experience.

In autumn of 2011, it was announced that Roselyn would be one of the four judges on The Voice UK, the UK sister show of the popular American talent show. She has found that she enjoys being given the opportunity to make others' dreams come true and puts her all into her team members. Her second studio album is due out later in the year and she announced her first headlining arena tour in the fall. Things have come a long way for the little girl from Whyteleafe with a big voice and while her voice packs the power of a true diva, she remains as weird and down to Earth as the girl she used to be; the girl who wore her dad's old sweaters and recorded musical covers from the couch in her step-brother's flat.

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WHO YOU ARE (2011)
1. Price Tag (ft. B.o.B) 2. Nobody's Perfect 3. Abracadabra 4. Big White Room 5. Casualty of Love 6. Rainbow 7. Who's Laughing Now 8. Do It Like a Dude 9. Mamma Knows Best 10. L.O.V.E. 11. Stand Up 12. I Need This 13. Who You Are

ALIVE (2013)
1. It's My Party 2. Thunder 3. Square One 4. Sexy Lady 5. Harder We Fall 6. Breathe 7. I Miss Her 8. Daydreamin' 9. Excuse My Rude (ft. Becky G) 10. Wild (ft. The Don and Dizzee Rascal) 11. Gold 12. Conquer the World (ft. Brandy) 13. Alive

1. Ain't Been Done 2. Burnin' Up (ft. 2 Chainz) 3. Sweet Talker 4. Bang Bang (ft. Lori Gray and Rutina Taj 5. Fire 6. Personal 7. Masterpiece 8. Seal Me with a Kiss (ft De La Soul) 9. Said Too Much 10. Loud (ft. Lindsey Stirling) 11. Keep Us Together 12. Get Away

Love Letter
Sexy Silk
My Shadow
Laserlight (ft. David Guetta)
Domino (Myon and Shane Remix)
Price Tag (acoustic)
Do It Like a Dude (acoustic)
Who You Are (acoustic)
Silver Lining (Crazy 'Bout You)

Whitney Houston, I Have Nothing
W/ Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (live)
Whitney Houston, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (live)
Moni Wright, We Found Love (live)
Chris Brown, Fine China
Ione James, I Knew You Were Trouble
Sam Smith, Stay With Me
Michael Jackson, Rock With You
Moni Wright, Stay
David Guetta ft. Sia, Titanium w/ Jennifer Hudson
The Naked and Famous, Young Blood

Up by James Morrison ft. Roselyn
Remember Me by Daley ft. Roselyn
Repeat by David Guetta ft. Roselyn
Calling All Hearts by DJ Cassidy ft. Robin Thicke and Roselyn

Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus
Owe it All to You, Lisa Lois
Move, Lisa Lois
I Need This, Chris Brown
V.I.P., Koda Kumi
Repeat, David Guetta
We Don't Play Around, Dizzee Rascal

APPEARANCES (2015) The Voice AU .... herself, as coach
(2012-2013) The Voice UK .... herself, as coach
Roselyn: Alive at the O2 .... herself
(2012) Ely Gray: Part of Me .... herself
(2011) Roselyn Live in London .... herself
(2011) Saturday Night Live .... musical guest

has two cats named eleanor and rigby and she vows not to become a crazy cat lady in the future.

doesn't identify with any particular sexual orientation as she thinks sexuality is fluid and that you love who love and you like who you like.

says bullies inspired her to keep going and she's written many songs about it and actively supports self-love and anti-bullying campaigns.

knows how to play the piano and the guitar though she rarely does either of these live because she's too busy dancing around.

when she's on the road, her step-brother declan tours with her and plays guitar with the band.

stands fairly tall at 5'8 though she usually measures around 6'0 with her heels.

her natural hair color is dark brown/black but she's gone almost every color as she loves to experiment with her look.

is a big goofball and loves to make people laugh. the only thing she is serious about is her music and her job on the voice uk.

due to her flirtatious and playful personality, she's constantly linked to various celebrities by the tabloids though they're hardly ever true.

has very little sense of shame and she isn't easily embarrassed; she even participated in a short-lived youtube webseries called 'dare roselyn' where she completed weird and potentially humiliating dares.

very rarely drinks because she believes the alcohol is bad for her throat which makes her a lightweight when she does. she loves to dance and often goes out and has fun without the drinks.

has only publicly spoken about her mother's death once and it was to confirm that 'big white room' was written about and for her.